Storage Units for rent in Gorey Co. Wexford


Block-built indoor units. Steel roof and steel roller door


Open 365 from 7am-9pm. 24 hour access on demand


CCTV (interior & exterior). Controlled security gate access. Sole ownership of lock & key.


Increase or decrease unit size according to need. 14 days notice to finish at the end of the month

Take control of sliding timelines whether upsizing or downsizing 

Keep your furniture and belongings safe during renovations / builds

Free up some space for changing locations and circumstances

Not every home comes with a garage. Have yours off-site.

Store excess/seasonal stock and merchandise. Ideal for retail and online traders

Protect your livelihood (tools and equipment) overnight from on site theft and van break-ins  

Archive files, folders and paperwork and access only when needed for audits/ compliance purposes.

Declutter your workspace by storing excess furniture, event equipment and promotional materials off-site.

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