Trade Tools

Secure Self Storage units with 24/7 monitoring to safeguard your livelihood  

No more sleeping with one eye open or trying to work while looking over your shoulder. Your tools are safe with us 

Overnight/weekend van theft and site break-ins are a major problem for tradespeople. Often self-employed and built up over the years, the loss of tools and equipment can have a devastating impact on earning potential.

Tradespeople require a variety of tools for their jobs, and often need ready access to them. As such, some opt to keep their tools in vans and trucks, which is not always the safest place to store them.

Self Storage facilities are becoming popular choices for tradespeople thanks to their ease of access, security and affordable rates. 

Safety is our number one priority for personal and professional belongings. All tools and equipment on site is secured and under surveillance 24/7.

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"Spotlessly Clean and Tidy, very professional owners and very obliging. Run the way a storage facility should be."
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